Addressing the climate challenge

Our mission is to achieve a net-zero industry. An ambition that hinges on the development of a technology to decarbonize industrial processes, accounting for 26% of global CO2 emissions, and that will mean a fundamental transformation of the energy system.

At present, the net-zero equation remains unsolved as greenhouse gas emissions continue growing. Overwhelmingly, almost three-quarters of these emissions come from our energy consumption. And, right now, globally accepted research suggests that global warming would be above the agreed 1.5º C target.

The goal: a net-zero emission system

We want to make our contribution through the acceleration of the development and deployment of energy storage technologies and solutions.

Meet the people behind this mission

A founding team deeply committed to the project and that, beyond personal objectives, is moved by leaving a positive mark on Earth planet. Indeed every one of our employees is driven by the shared purpose of contributing to actively fighting climate change through the development of cutting-edge storage technologies which will allow the integration of the highest share of variable renewable energy sources.