Paving the path to net-zero industry

At Build To Zero, our goal is to transform industrial heat production to achieve a carbon-neutral future. We are dedicated to innovating with our ThermalBox® technology, a suite of solutions created to not only phase out fossil fuels but also to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing industries.


ThermalBox® patented long-duration thermal energy storage technology

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Helping industries and companies to decarbonize their thermal processes

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ThermalBox® plays a pivotal role in better integrating fluctuating renewable energy sources

We provide crucial demand-side flexibility that strengthens the overall energy system.
By combining practical innovation with robust technology, ThermalBox® is set to steer industries towards an efficient, sustainable, and economically viable future, fostering an environment where renewable energy and industrial growth go hand in hand.

The goal: a net-zero 
emission system

We want to make our contribution through the acceleration of the development and deployment of energy storage technologies and solutions.

Meet the people behind this mission

A founding team deeply committed to the project and that, beyond personal objectives, is moved by leaving a positive mark on Earth planet. Indeed every one of our team members is driven by the shared purpose of contributing to actively fighting climate change through the development of cutting-edge storage technologies which will allow the integration of the highest share of variable renewable energy sources.

Partners joining our Zero Mission

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