Building a net-zero industry with ThermalBox®

Welcome to Build to Zero, where the need for flexibility and sustainability in industrial power and heat generation finally meets. Through our advanced ThermalBox® technology, we are transforming the power sector and driving positive change for a cleaner and more efficient world.

Heat batteries to decarbonize industry processes

ThermalBox® provides 24/7 emission-free industrial heat below 400 °C through its electrification with renewables combined with thermal energy storage.

ThermalBox® can be adapted to each process industry to economically substitute fossil fuels.

Key benefits of our technology

ThermalBox® is the most efficient and economically viable solution to 100% decarbonize medium-low temperature process heat

Modular, adaptable & scalable

Cost-competitive & quick payback

40 years of 24/7 thermal energy storage

Safe, flexible & digitally controlled

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Let’s collaborate to get there faster

At Build to Zero we believe that the world will only effectively address the challenge to accelerate global decarbonization and halt climate change through innovation, sharing of knowledge and the fast deployment game-changing climate technologies.

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