Innovative and financially viable solutions

We are going to change how industrial heat is generated through power-to-heat solutions. Our technology proposes a cross-sector decarbonization strategy that integrates the renewable power sector with the industrial one.

A differential approach

Power Generation vs Heat Generation

Unlike most climatech newborn companies who are focused on decarbonizing the production of electricity, we are going to decarbonize the production of thermal energy. Our technology is devised to produce steam all day and, thereby, replace gas entirely. This way we contain fossil fuel combustion, one of the most substantial streams of CO2 emitted every year.

Industry heat makes up two-thirds of industrial energy demand and almost one-fifth of global energy consumption

Avoiding the energy waste

As solar becomes the lowest-cost option for electricity generation in most of the world, rapidly scaling up energy storage systems will be critical to address its hour-to-hour variability and to avoid wasting energy through curtailment.

A cutting-edge process

Thanks to the technical advances that thermal storage materials have undergone in recent years, we are developing battery technology capable of operating throughout the day. We will be licensing our developments to other storage companies (CAES, LAES, …), and manufacture our own solutions for behind-the-meter industrial applications.