Climate change requires a big shift

At Build To Zero we are decarbonization technologists and engineers. We are committed to build innovative and financially viable thermal storage solutions for behind-the-meter industrial applications.
The global market for thermal energy storage is predicted to triple in size by 2030. This means an increase from 234GWh of installed capacity at the beginning of this decade to over 800GWh.

Are you an investor?

Invest in a differential and cost-competitive technology that can be deployed quickly and smoothly. Opt for a talented group of people that is revolutionizing the sector.

Are you a government?

Join forces with a company that generates employment, technology and added value. Partner with the startup that aims to change the future of the global industry.

Are you a corporation?

Transform your energy consumption pattern with a solid development at a technological and industrial level. Rely on an easy solution to implement into your business plan.

Are you a partner?

Let’s work together for a net-zero planet. If you are a company that shares our ambition and believes that the future passes through an open-source spirit, let’s start collaborating.
Let’s work together

360º Approach

Our engineers and technologists not just deliver renewable power-to-heat + thermal storage technology to eliminate CO2 emissions from heat generation processes. We also design and implement energy efficient solutions for each industry sector and client.

Technology & Solutions

Our technologists develop patented thermal energy storage solutions. We participate in the whole product development value chain: from applied industrial R&D for sensible and latent thermal energy storage solutions, to the development of high-temperature heat pumps, high efficiency heaters, and materials for industrial applications.

Consultancy & Engineering

Our engineers design, project, and service a wide variety of energy storage technologies to ensure optimal integration in their host industrial processes, providing specific solutions to each of our clients’ needs.